Hey there im Jai,

Im a qualified Graphic and Web Designer Based in Christchurch, i recently finishing my study and secured a fulltime Inhouse Graphic Design job.
Design and Art are my two biggest passions and i love that i am able to do these things on a daily basis for my career.

I’m always looking to experiment with new ideas or just learn and pickup some new tricks and techniques to add to my design arsenal.
Im currently aquiring valuable industry knowledge through fulltime work and have learnt a lot about working as a designer with client(s) and getting the desired outcomes that are truly effective design solutions.

I have a Portfolio on display which highlights what im able to do with my designs aswell as show off the dynamic approach and style taken with each design project. Feel free to browse through aswell as my social medias in the tool bar where i often post work aswell.

Skill set

  • Adobe Photoshop 87%
  • Adobe Illustrator 78%
  • Adobe Indesign 74%
  • WordPress 66%
  • HTML / CSS 47%